Wizards of the Square Tablet Now Exploding Heads Everywhere

Thu, Mar 28, 2013

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Let me take a second to explain Magicka to you: Magicka is a game where you mash together several different elements to cast destructive and ridiculous spells at your enemies, and if a fellow player happens to be between you and your enemies, well, that’s his problem. TriplePoint client Paradox Interactive has been giving us this sort of insane wizardry for a while now, but today marks the debut of the series on tablet devices in Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet. Never mind that tablets are generally rectangular; it’s still mobile Magicka and you can now “accidentally” murder the hell out of your friends in a hundred different ways.

The best part of the Magicka series has always been the (ostensibly) co-op gameplay with always-on friendly fire, ensuring that you’ll ignite, crush, and shatter your friends just as often as your enemies, so being able to play with others using multiple devices is a no-brainer. However, Square Tablet actually allows cross-platform gameplay between iOS and Android tablets, in real-time. That’s a bit of wizardry in and of itself. You know, that and the giant enemy crabs, flaming boulders, ice shields, etc.

Have a look for yourself in this lovely almost-square trailer:

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