Wings & Things: Animated New Mystery Crates Arrive, PetVille Players Curious for PetCash

Sat, Feb 27, 2010

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Two new winged Mystery Crates have flown into the PetVille Premium Marketplace. For a limited time, players can purchase an animated pair of wings for 25 PetCash and give their pets a big-size surprise.

If you’ve got the PetCash, go get a Mystery Crate and see which pair is inside! Choose from 2 boxes, the Rugged Mystery Crate or the Elegant Mystery Crate, and collect one of 6 exclusive varieties of Animated Wings in each box.

You receive a free “interactive” closet with your first Pet Wing Mystery Crate purchase, so you can keep track to collect all 6 pairs in each style, and show them off to your friends of course.

Six different styles of Elegant Wings and 6 different styles of Rugged Wings are available (12 total types of wings) at the PetVille Premium Store now. Each type of crate will have its own closet so if you have more than 6 sets of wings, you will have 2 closets.

If you don’t like your first pair, buy and open another Mystery Crate to try again. Zynga promises you won’t get the same set twice!

The catch? You’ll have to shell out 150 PetCash (25 per pair of Animated Wings) to collect all 6 wings per Mystery Crate, and 300 PetCash for all 12 total Animated Wing varieties. Is your PetVille pet worth it?We were able to get a sneak peek at all of the full Elegant Wing closet (below) – word on the forums is that the Rugged Crate contains Wings with mostly neutral colors. There are some pictures in the PetVille forums you can check out, but we’re dying to see all of the new Animated Wings in action! If you’ve purchased a pair, please send us a picture of your furry friend’s new wings to feature on FriskyMongoose! You can upload a screenshot your pet’s Animated Wings to our Facebook wall.Crazy crates with wings, Alice in Wonderland decor galore… what next is in store for PetVille’s Premium Showroom? A lot of the Facebook game’s fans are far more interested to see a new set of special items that don’t require a pile of PetCash to purchase.

Since the Premium Store opened, there haven’t been many limited-edition items to buy with Coins, and you can only earn so much PetCash by visiting your pet’s friends in the game. Otherwise you have to pay real money to buy additional PetCash to buy premium virtual goods in PetVille.

What do you think about the PetCash-only collectibles? Are you buying Animated Wings for your pet? I’m tempted, but we cleaned out the pet savings account last week on Alice in Wonderland costumes and decorations for my pet LollarBills. Can’t have it all! The Pets in WonderVille items were worth it indeed.

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