Win 500 Playfish Cash or Purchase A Walk-In Closet – Pet Society Updates!

Tue, Aug 17, 2010

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This week, Playfish is offering users a very exciting chance to win a whole slew of Playfish Cash in Pet Society, among other prizes. That being the case, if you win the Playfish Cash prize, and go on a shopping spree for your pet, you’ll need a new place to store all of those new items, which is where the game’s newest room comes into play.

Win Playfish Cash or an iPad in New Contest

Playfish is now holding a Fashionista Competition within Pet Society, that will see one very lucky winner walking away with an iPad and 500 Playfish Cash.

The contest asks entrants to create their own outfits on the templates provided by Playfish. The templates are for a Pink Pet, a Blue Pet and a White Pet. You’ll be able to design outfits for these pets and enter them into the contest, so long as they fit into one of the contest’s four categories:

  • Formal – Eventing wear, suits, cocktail dresses, etc.
  • Leisure – Casual clothing or sportswear
  • Haute Couture – High fashion; daring designs
  • Nightwear – Pajamas, nightgowns and the like

You’ll be able to enter the contest via the game’s official fan page on Facebook, or by clicking on this link. Afterward, you can browse through the newest submissions and rate them based on your opinion (these rating can be shard on your wall or kept to yourself – the choice is yours).

The contest ends on August 24, after which time Playfish will create the winning items as in-game items, that will be available starting on the week of September 13, and remaining available for about a month’s time.

Again, aside from seeing their creations live in the game, the winners will walk away with some great prizes. Four category winners will each receive 150 Playfish Cash, while four category runner-up winners will receive 100 Playfish Cash each. Remember, you have a chance at 500 Playfish Cash and an iPad by submitting an entry into the contest, so be sure to do that before the contest ends – good luck to all who enter!

Purchase a Walk-In Closet to Receive a New Room in Your Home

What do you buy for the pet that has everything? According to Playfish, the answer to that question is a new Walk-In Closet for that lucky pet to hold all of their items.

Rather than functioning as a furniture item, that you would line up against your wall (like a “faux closet” – an optical illusion, if you will), this Walk-In Closet is an actual room for your home, and as such, comes with the same limitations as other add-on rooms. That is, only one extra room can be purchased per player.

You can add the Walk-In Closet to your home for 20 Playfish Cash, but whether or not the price is worth it will be up to you. Playfish seems to add new rooms to the game on a fairly frequent basis, so keep that in mind before making a purchase. Head over to the game’s page if you decide that the Walk-In Closet in what you want.

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  • Farhantaufikrahman

    me win 500 point

  • P-penguin

    yes but how do u CREATE the actual outit? do u like draw it on the template or wat…. confused :/

  • Brandy Shaul

    Some options would be to print out the template and draw on it by hand, and then scan it back into the computer (or take a picture of it with your camera, if it's a high enough quality to be judged), or you could simply load the template in Photoshop (or your favorite photo manipulation software) and create an outfit on top of it from there! Hope that helps!