WildTangent’s BrandBoost Ad Platform Will Change Advertising in Social Games

Tue, Feb 23, 2010

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Yesterday, WildTangent announced the launch of the BrandBoost ad platform, which will give game developers an additional revenue option aside from the sale of virtual upgrades and in-game goods (microtransactions in the case of social games like FarmVille or Mafia Wars) or paid monthly subscriptions (MMOs).

According to Games Beat, BrandBoost runs quite simply. Instead of forcing a user to pay for virtual goods via credit cards, paypal, or by completing offers (say, acquiring a Netflix subscription or signing up for an insurance quote), they’ll instead be allowed to watch 30 second ads for one of over 75 different companies, ranging from Clorox and Kraft to Sprint and Hasbro.

While watching a single 30 second ad isn’t going to replace a full monthly subscription to a game, BrandBoost will offer companies the option of giving away free one-day subscriptions in exchange for watching ads, or giving away a free virtual item in the same way.

To see the system at work, one can play Sony Online Entertainment’s Free Realms, or OMGPOP’s online games, as both have already implemented the service. WildTangent says that news in the realm of Facebook and MySpace games will be announced in the future.

An exclusive FarmVille item for watching a Subway commercial? A free fish in Happy Aquarium for watching a trailer for an upcoming THQ game? I could definitely get behind that. Who’s with me?

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