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Sat, Sep 11, 2010

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It’s been another busy week for the FarmVille team at Zynga, as we’ve seen quite a few updates released in the game. The first sees some new crops (aside from the Wild West theme) added to the store. While in another update, the Wild West theme itself was expanded quite a bit to offer a new customizable decoration set allowing you to build your very own train on your farm.

New Crops: Gladiolus & Square Melon

There are two new permanent crops available in the store, that you can now plant and even master! The first is the Gladiolus, available to users level 28 and above. The crop comes with special mastery requirements, in that you will have needed to master Daffodils in order to be able to grow Gladiolus, even if you are the right level otherwise.

The crop itself can be grown for 200 coins per square, and it grows for just 6 hours. Once it has grown, you can harvest the crop for 260 coins per square. You’ll earn a single experience point for each square of the flowers that you grow. As a permanent crop, you can master Gladiolus, with the first star of mastery being available at 1600 squares.

The other new crop is the Square Melon, available to users level 52 and above. It also comes with mastery requirements, only here, you must master both the Yellow Melon and the Watermelon before you can grow Square Melon. Once those requirements have been met, you can grow the Melon for 410 coins per square. You’ll earn 2 experience points for growing the melon, and it grows for one full day. The Square Melon can be harvested for 590 coins per square. The first level of Square Melon mastery is achieved at 700 squares grown.

Build Your Very Own Train Set, or Browse Through More Wild West Items

If you ever liked playing with toy trains as a kid, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can now build one of your very own in FarmVille, as part of the limited edition Wild West item theme. Other new items in addition to the train track and parts have been added as well – let’s take a look at the entire selection of new items.

First, a new limited edition crop is available in the form of Lupine flowers. The flowers can be grown for 75 coins and take 12 hours to grow. You’ll earn 155 coins for each square at harvest, and will gain a single experience point for each square you plant. While this crop is limited edition, it is also masterable, with the first star of mastery being available at 610 harvests. Lupine will be available to grow until October 7.

Next, a couple of new animals are now available. The first is a Mini Appaloosa horse, available for 26 Farm Cash. It can be harvested from every three days, and can give of Mini Appaloosa Foals when placed in your Horse Stable and left with a Stallion.

The other new animal is the Horned Toad, which costs 12 Farm Cash. It can also be harvested from every 3 days, and remember, as Farm Cash items, either of these animals can either be kept for use on your own farm, or sent to a friend as a gift.

Moving onto the Buildings tab, we see three new items available. The first is the Train Station, which is available for 42 Farm Cash. We’ll talk more about the train set that goes along with this building in a bit.

Meanwhile, the other two buildings are the Wild West Ranch, which will set you back 36 Farm Cash, and the Tipi, which costs 360,000 coins. For making such a large splurge on the Tipi, remember that you’ll receive a nice chunk of experience points as a reward, in this case 3600 points.

Finally, on the Decorations tab, you can see all of the makings of a wild west train set, along with some other basic decorations. The train set itself comes in two parts – the various pieces of the train track, allowing you to build one with curves and corners, spread throughout your farm however you see fit, and the pieces to the train itself. There are five pieces of generic train track (straight-aways and curves) available for 5,000 coins each, while a Train Crossing is available for 80,000 coins.

The train can be built from a variety of pieces as well, including the Train Engine that costs 22 Farm Cash, two passenger cars for 100,000 coins each, and a Caboose, costing 50,000 coins.

The other decorative items come in the form of a Lake with Canoe, which costs 30 Farm Cash, a Town Sign costing 50,000 coins, and an Organ Pip Cactus, costing 10,000 coins.

These items will only be available in the game for the next 11 days, so be sure to start building your train track soon, if you want to have time to finish it all.

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