Wild Ones Ninjitsu Mesh and Multiplayer Speed Mode Make for Faster Gameplay

Fri, Mar 5, 2010


As reported by Games.com, the new Ninjitsu Mesh and Speed Play option were announced in Wild Ones this week. The two new releases hasten the ordinarily patient and strategic pace of the war game.

The new Speed Play option is a multiplayer mode where quick thinking and clutch plays are crucial to emerging victorious. While the maps, weapons, and characters remain the same, the settings have been altered.

In Speed Play, disaster strikes in just one minute. A regular game won’t see the water begin to rise until four minutes into the game. By then most of the animals have died and the disaster functions as a stalemate breaker in the event neither animal is willing to concede. In Speed Play, the player barely gets two turns before the water begins to rise, creating some ridiculous situations and wacky antics.

If you’re caught underwater, hold spacebar while moving left and right to swim to the surface. You can’t jump out of the water, but moving to the top can often help you escape a watery grave.

The Ninjitsu Mesh is a new item that increases your animal warrior’s speed. The trendy and intimidating garb comes in black and white and can be found in the Wild Ones shop in the accessories section. It’s available on sale for 22 Treats until March 10th.The Ninjitsu Mesh boasts both function and form. However, the item does cost money so I would only recommend it to the most serious Wild Ones players.

You can find the new speed boosts in Wild Ones on Facebook now. This article was originally published by Games.com.

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