Why Many Apple WWDC Rumors Didn’t Come True

Tue, Jun 8, 2010

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Yesterday, we heard all about Apple’s latest iPhone that is set to be released later this month with a barrage of new features. Steve Jobs, in his WWDC Keynote address, discussed several new features such as front facing camera for FaceTime video chat, iOS 4 and the new design of the iPhone; but he left out of the conference is also telling concerning all the rumors that floated around before the event.

Mashable is puzzled about the announcements that didn’t make Jobs’ keynote such as a cloud-based iTunes, a Macbook refresh, Safari 5 (which did release later yesterday), an Apple TV reboot and the long-rumored Verizon iPhone. Only Safari 5 became a reality and it’s likely due to Apple’s focus.

Rumors are not new to Apple, they happen just about every week and most of them do not stem from Apple themselves but rather outside sources which does lead to a lot of incorrect speculation. Not to say the predictions we discussed were wrong entirely, Apple is likely working on a lot of these things and is always improving on their products.

What separates Apple is their focus. Jobs likely did not want to put any sort of damper on the iPhone 4 and give it its day in the sun, hence no other big announcements. While other announcements such as a new version of Mac OS or the reimagined Apple TV would be nice, they just weren’t meant for this particular keynote, and it’s all because of Apple’s focus on one product at a time.

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