Why Are You Here When Kingdom Rush Frontiers is Out

Thu, Jun 6, 2013

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Okay — you liked Kingdom Rush, right? I feel like that’s a fair assumption if you’re here at Frisky Mongoose and you like fun at all. Well, let’s pretend that Kingdom Rush had new towers, new enemies, new levels, and new in-game heroes. You’d want to play that, right? You’d want to play that right now. Well, you can, because Kingdom Rush Frontiers is out today from Ironhide Game Studio (a TriplePoint client), and it doesn’t really matter how I end this sentence because by now you’re almost certainly on your way to the app store to get it.

From the press release:

“To one-up our own tower-defense formula, we basically took the original Kingdom Rush, shoved it into a bottle of dragon’s blood, gorilla hair, and arrowheads… then we shook things up and popped the cork. What spilled out is this bad-ass thing we call Kingdom Rush Frontiers,” said Alvaro Azofra, Dark Arts Master and Co-founder of Ironhide. “It sounds messy, but after a full year of toil, we’ve got loads of content and deeper, more devilishly addictive gameplay than ever.”

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers extends Ironhide’s mastery of the tower-defense genre, keeping its signature accessibility while packing in a treasure-trove of new stuff for the brand’s millions of fans. With dozens of new levels, towers, heroes, and enemies – and snazzy ways to murder them – the game really takes Kingdom Rush to a new… uh, frontier. Ka-blammo!

Seriously, you’re not here any more, are you? Start defending something!


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