What’s New FarmVille? Collections, That’s What!

Sat, Jan 16, 2010

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Zynga is getting pretty good at keeping FarmVille residents up-to-date on the game’s latest happenings. The latest handy dandy highlight? Collections!

Now players can find rare, themed Collectables* (sic) while plowing, harvesting and fertilizing crops, and while browsing the FarmVille free gifts collection. Finding all the Collectables in each set will earn you some super special (and currently secret) new rewards. *I spell em like I see em, but really Zynga? (Collectible misspell: cute and clever, or recurring typo?)

These special new Collectables come and go quickly in the free gifts section, so collecting a set might prove to be quite the challenge. So far we’ve come across two collectible items: the Dragonfly and Needlework.

Looks like Zynga is pulling a card from the PackRat deck with this new feature. And with the addictive gameplay-fueled success of collectible card games on Facebook (and even iPhone), who can blame them? Did someone say CCG?!

We’ll keep you posted as more Collectables are uncovered and more secrets are revealed about the sets and special rewards. In the meantime, check out our rundown of the (presumably first batch of) four FarmVille Collections in the full list here.

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