What SOPA Means for Gaming PR

Fri, Jan 13, 2012

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SOPA. It’s much ado about pirates. Not the cool kind of pirates who wear eye patches, sail ships, bury treasure and say stuff like yo-ho-ho. No, SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) is about the kind of pirates that suck.

SOPA what? If all the cool kids weighed in, would you weigh in too? Why yes, yes we would.

Check out the TriplePoint blog for some PR considerations and good old fashioned commentary about SOPA from one of Frisky’s finest. Here’s a snippet:

Put simply, SOPA would allow for court orders to be issued against websites accused of piracy or other illegal activities, potentially requiring (among other things) that ad networks halt their business with said sites, search engines de-link said sites, payment processors cease accepting payments for said sites, and more. In essence, a site accused of facilitating piracy can immediately lose all access to business-vital functions such as site discovery, content sale, and ad revenue.

Everyone whose livelihood is rooted in the gaming industry can likely agree that piracy is terrible and its practitioners should be punched in the head. Trying to solve the issue with SOPA, however, opens the door to entirely new problems, many of which may disrupt your life as a PR professional (or a company that uses PR to promote itself)…

Go, read the rest, yo! http://blog.triplepointpr.com/sopa-pr-poison


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