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Mon, Sep 6, 2010

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DJArts has launched a new game on Facebook, that doesn’t fall into the average genres typical found in Facebook games. The game is called Bush Whacker, and it is described by the developer as “a game of bushes, swords, lightning, and what happens when they all meet.”

You’ll be able to choose whether you want your avatar to be a boy or a girl, and are then set loose in the world of Bush Whacker, where you’ll literally whack bushes to find hidden objects, whether those objects are coins, mana potions, or other items. Bush types vary, with each kind coming with its own energy requirement. This means that you won’t be able to whack bushes indefinitely, as your starting allotment of 50 energy points won’t last forever. The most basic of bushes costs but a single energy to whack, while bushes with berries, or more advanced items require two or more energy to whack.

Monsters also play a part in the world of Bush Whacker, as they will randomly appar, allowing you to earn more than one piece of treasure, or more than one coin at once, for spending just a few more energy to whack and defeat them. As you go, you’ll whack bushes containing rare food items, mana potions for your spells, and puzzle pieces that come in handy a bit later.

As for the mana potions, your first spell will be a lightning spell, allowing you to use three mana (you start out with a 10 mana capacity) to destroy all of the bushes on the current screen. For the puzzle pieces, each area will have a set amount of puzzle pieces, and once you gather them all, you’ll be able to put them together to solve the puzzle, thus causing a Puzzle Monster to appear. You can tap on these monsters multiple times in order to catch them, and have them automatically sent to the petting zoo behind your house.

In the rare instance that you collect a gem from a bush or monster, you’ll be able to trade these in as a sort of premium currency, using them at in-game stores, along with varying amount of coins, to purchase  accessory items for your avatar, or items that will let you unlock new areas of the Bush Whacker world (each area is blocked off by a gate, with these gates being opened as you progress, fill certain stipulations or gain specific items).

Bush Whacker looks a lot like a classic Zelda game, which gives it a lot of charm. If you’d like to jump into the game along with the thousands already playing, you can do so by heading over to the game’s page on Facebook. Before you go, be sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On video of the game below to see what to expect should you choose to play.

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