Welcome to the Jungle: PetVille Rainforest Items in Outdoors Store for Earth Day

Mon, Apr 19, 2010

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Welcome to the jungle! As we reported last week, PetVille has added new Jungle-Rainforest items in the outdoor store to celebrate Earth Day in style.

Now players can decorate their pet’s yards with plants, vines, and jungle creatures, available now in the PetVille Outdoors Store!

Here’s a peek at some of the items you’ll find within the jungle – rainforest collection:

First you’ll find some cool new (cost-efficient) clothes like the Jungle Explorer, Forest Shaman Wear and Bones Jr. Paleontologist.

What’s that you say? You’d like a Land Rover for your furry friend? Well then you’re in luck! There’s a “Green Grazer” up for sale (80,000 Coins, mind you), but for environmentally conscious pets, this hybrid SUV is just the right mode of transport.

There are ample amounts of flowery decorations, vines, and greenery to spruce up your pet’s porch view, as well as wildlife like lizards and frogs. Most of these items are reasonably priced, although I can’t see spending 20 PetCash on one flower… what about you?

I hope you’ve been saving that PetCash though, because while it might be silly to spend 20 bucks on a flower, it’s not quite as far-fetched to want to monkey around for 25 PetCash with the See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil Monkeys. Megan the Swinging Monkey will cost you 29 bucks.

As reported last week, what would a jungle be with no new backdrop? You can pick up a new look for your pet’s yard for a cool 50,000 Coins.

And even Tarzan and Jane would be jealous over these cool “Jungle Jamie” and “Jungle Joe” outfits and accessories:

There you have it! PetVille’s Earth Day celebration has brought a range of new clothes, costumes, decorations and animals to the Outdoors Store. Which items will you pick up for your pet?

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