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Spring is here, and Summer isn’t far behind. It’s great time to be outdoors — ideal weather for, say, emerging from demonic portals for a stroll across the plains to destroy the sacred worlds of Yggdrasil. Well, Thor is here to put a stop to that with a few Spring storms, and he’s brought plenty of friends with him. The Google Play store is one of his friends today, with Thor: Lord of Storms from Animoca featured as one of the store picks in today’s update. We gave the game a try to see if we could hammer home what made it special.

Thor: Lord of Storms picks and chooses its design from a few classic sources: at its core, the game is a side-scrolling real-time strategy game, like Swords & Soldiers or the classic Armor Alley, where the player — as Thor & pals — unleashes units from their base in exchange for mana, where they will march down the field to clash with enemy units who intend to smash said base to pieces. The key difference, however, is a bit of a DotA-esque turn, where rather than spawning their ‘creeps’ and standing by, the player also has direct control of Thor himself, including the ability to whack foes with his iconic hammer or summon lightning-based spells to do big splashes of damage. If the player can successfully manage both Thor and his spawns long enough to either take down the enemy portal or successfully crush every last enemy that comes out of it, Yggdrasil is safe for another level.

If that weren’t enough, Lord of Storms tosses a few RPG elements into the mix, as well: gold dropped by enemies during skirmishes can be applied to persistent upgrades and unlocks between levels, granting players a harder hammer, flashier spells, upgraded units, new units, and even a couple of Thor’s godly pals to stand in for him during battle. Naturally, for the deity in a hurry, these upgrades can be rushed with premium currency, or players can spend their gold on power-ups like healing leaves and berserker potions.

Like Puzzle & Dragons, it’s a careful mix of game elements that come together to showcase what mobile games are capable of, and with high production values that make it very attractive and smooth on Android tablets (including a fully-voiced Thor who says “Methinks it be hammer time”), Thor: Lord of Storms is a free pick worth picking up.

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