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Wed, Jul 31, 2013

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Monsters are not always bad, despite their outward appearance. Sometimes, they’re just out to pursue higher education — heck, sometimes they actually love you. Sometimes, though, monsters are just shameless instigators, traveling to earth to cause destruction and threaten the well-being of your cat. These are the monsters of Monster Shooter 2 from Gamelion Studios, and as one might predict, dealing with them involves more artillery than diplomacy. When monsters are bad, there’s few better ways to get rid of them than in an action-packed twin-stick shooter, and as one of the Play Picks on Google Play this week, that’s an opportunity you can easily seize.

Twin-stick shooters have been letting players murder swarms of enemies since the days of Robotron, but from arcades to Androids, it’s a pastime we’ve grown to expect more from as our marksmanship and bloodlust improve. Monster Shooter 2 comes with all the latest features, beyond simply providing you with an encroaching horde of diverse enemies (though those enemies are certainly numerous and varied, from shooters to chargers to regular ol’ rushers). Levels are generally objective-driven, forcing the player to explore and stay on the move to hunt down collectibles or dispose of enemy installations, or simply clear an area of every last monster. Different weapon loadouts are on offer, providing a chance to alter one’s play style with SMGs, shotguns, and increasingly ridiculous gear — much of which can be leveled up, or customized with elemental bonuses to handle specific enemy types.

Whatever the goal and methods, though, the experience always involves a bullet-strewn bloodbath, with monsters collapsing by the dozen in a hail of gunfire. In this respect, Monster Shooter 2 is only too happy to revel in its over-the-top oldschool arcade style, complete with dubstep in the background while a deep-voiced announcer declares your many victories, great and small. It’s a game that’s about mowing down alien beasts because they had the gall to threaten your cat, after all, and the lightheartedness of the absurd violence fits quite nicely. Drop in co-op play, and you’ve got everything you need.

If there’s anything that could be potentially added to Monster Shooter 2, it would be playing the twin-stick shooter on actual twin sticks. Call me old-fashioned, or just call me clumsy for hitting the pause button too often when I’m on a touchscreen, but for a fast-moving arcade experience, I find there’s no better control than a controller. I’d love to see Monster Shooter 2 on an Atlas from Green Throttle (a TriplePoint client), but in the meantime, the game handles the touchscreen adaptation nicely, dropping in a few helpful auto-aim elements and keeping the touch controls well out of the way of the displayed action.

Monster Shooter 2 is free on the Google Play store.

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