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Imagine for a moment that Infinity Blade and Monster Hunter had a child. For starters, it would naturally be named Monster Blade, but ideally, it would also inherit the best traits of its parents, it would be free-to-play, and it would be the Play Pick by Nubee featured in this week’s look at the Google Play store. Now, open your eyes, and rejoice in that daydream, ’cause it’s real.

The basic gameplay of Monster Blade is straightforward: pick an area to hunt, and your burly character will find himself facing a series of immense monsters in single combat — everything from fast-moving lizards, hefty bull-like beasts, and flying drakes, all the way up to building-sized dragons and beyond. The combat is handled via touch commands, and it’s a genuine challenge with a natural learning curve: each creature has attacks that come in from each side, and you’ve got to dodge in the appropriate direction, or block if you don’t mind taking a reduced hit. If you can land a dodge with perfect timing, you’ll stun the monster into a vulnerable state, allowing you to land extra hits — all of which are performed with direction-sensitive swipes.

Lush 3D graphics make each monster an interesting study in both appearance and behavior, which goes a long way towards making them feel unique — not to mention an RPG-standard set of elemental vulnerabilities, which necessitates the collection and use of a diverse set of loot including new weapons and armor. Items drop after successful hunts, and existing gear can be leveled up by sacrificing the junk you don’t want. The entire thing comes together in a very rich-feeling RPG setup with crafting, looting, and combat — all of which feel and look as top-notch via the game’s excellent visuals.

Plus there’s an extremely cute mascot character who cheers you on at all times, which no RPG should be without. Monster Blade is free and you can grab it here.

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