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Wed, May 29, 2013

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With last Friday seeing the arrival of Fast & Furious 6 in theaters across America, it’s only natural for related popular media to see an uptick in fastness, furiosity, and appreciation of Vin Diesel. The Google Play store is no exception, and with the free-to-play Fast & Furious 6: The Game featured as a Play Pick in this week’s update, Android users have easy access to a complementary experience that meshes nicely with the movie and the overall franchise.

If you’re a Fast & Furious fan (which is to say, a fan of the films, not necessarily a fan who is swift and angry), there’s a lot to like in the mobile game from Kabam. Right away, the title slots you into the movies’ world, where the fastest cars and the best drivers are everything to everyone — champions of street sports, criminal mercenaries, and anti-heroes who take the biggest risks for the highest rewards. A few early races draws the attention of Tej, who offers to bring the player into his crew, assuming they’ve got the wheels and the skills to back up their reputation. The gameplay, including drag races, drift challenges, and a series of story missions, play out as timing-oriented challenges rather than with traditional steering-and-shifting mechanics, but the action is cinematic, and requires quite a bit of precision in order to succeed. Races play out in full 3D with high-quality animation, with cars rocking forward on their suspension as their drivers slam the brakes, and so forth.

Of course, as with any racing game, skill will only take a driver so far before they’ve reached the limits of their machines. Race winnings will need to be sunk back into car upgrades — and entirely new cars, eventually — as the player progresses higher and higher among the ranks of the Fastest and Most Furious.

It’s not just the game, though, that’s been tailored for fans: inside the game itself, there are options for moviegoers to get caught up on the series with links to the prior films, the latest trailers from FF6, and even a button to take players to a location-enabled ticket purchase page, so they can get out to the movie itself ASAP. The game is clearly an extension of the overall promotion of the film, but it does so faithfully and admirably.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game is available as a free download here.

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