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Thu, Apr 29, 2010


As we told you earlier this month, Electric Bat has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Weblings, a new casual game containing cute little animals, played through the convenience of a Firefox or Internet Explorer toolbar.

To play the game (it’s free to join), you’ll need to head over to the official website and create an account. From there, you’ll download the toolbar and will be given a tutorial of what to expect. You can play with your Weblings while surfing on any website. You’ll come across monsters like Glitch Bugs while surfing and can enter your pet into battle with these bugs in order to defeat them (if you’re particularly interested in your non-Weblings based task at hand, you can also avoid fighting the monster, and come back to it later).

The combat here is actually fairly complex in its setup. Each monster has a particular set of stats, including something that they are particularly weak to, and something that they have high defense against. Meanwhile, your pet has its own stats including Stamina and Mood. The stronger your pet is, the more Stamina it uses in each attack. As you might expect, running out of stamina forces you to wait a certain period of time for it to replenish, or you can purchase a potion to refill it instantly.

Once you start a battle, however, both you and the enemy take turns until one side is victorious, which is great for younger children that wouldn’t be able to immediately grasp the complexities of more detailed combat.

Your pet’s mood will affect how willing it is to enter into battle. Your pet becomes happier as you win battles, but is upset by a loss. You’ll also be able to cheer up your pet by playing with it and feeding it, as you would expect from any good pet simulation title.

As you complete battles, you’ll gain tokens of varying colors, and you can use these tokens to tame further monsters to take into successive battles with you.

While you’re surfing, you can enter into battles, explore your pets’ home, and so on, all by using the buttons attached to the toolbar. It’s mostly a self-contained unit, that can be experienced without traveling back to the Weblings website every five minutes, as battles take place right in a new window that pops up over the current window. Visiting your pets’ home, however, does obviously send you back to the website.

If you have a youngster that you would like to get into gaming, head over to the game’s website to get them started or to learn more information.

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