We Rule Update: New Buildings, New Crops, Higher Level Cap

Fri, Jul 23, 2010

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We Rule is one of the most played games on the iPhone, and has enjoyed success in every market it has conquered. Today, we have several updates for We Rule that look to expand the game with new buildings, crops and a higher level cap.

Level Cap Raised to 35

Traditionally in We Rule, you were stuck at the cap of 30 with no other direction to move in. This new update extended the cap to 35, making it more enticing for players who were bored with the previous cap of 30. Now, overtime your XP was still gaining even if you weren’t gaining levels and this is incorporated as well and you will level up accordingly. Ngmoco’s blog also states that you will receive your earned Mojo from these level ups within 24 hours.

New Red Dragon’s Lair and Coach Inn

In this update, there are also two new buildings in the Coach Inn and the Red Dragon’s Lair. The Coach Inn is a comfy, cozy place for guests of your kingdom to stay, as well as a new place for your subjects to work as well. The Coach Inn costs 12 Mojo or 23,500 Coins and will “Fluff Pillows” every 2 days.

The Red Dragon’s Lair requires that you are at least level 35 (the new cap) and costs 50 Mojo or 300,000 Coins, depending on which you spend. I imagine this Dragon will protect your kingdom from any forthcoming attacks.

New Crops

Lastly, there are now four new crops to choose from when planting. Blackberries require that you are at least Level 28, Cat Whiskers requires Level 30, Dragon Fruit requires Level 32, Sunflowers require Level 34 and Honey Dew requires Level 27.

That is all for this rather large We Rule update. Now, get back to commanding your kingdom! (I hear the peasants are in need of some work to do, anyhow).

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  • http://www.prisqua.com Prisqua

    Well once you had reached level 30 there is nothing you can do really but since your xp is still being counted, when the updated happened I was already at level 35 like a lot of people so there is still nothing new to do lol

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    add me :) ennuiKitty