We Farm Cheats, Tips, and Strategies to Grow A Successful Farm

Mon, Aug 23, 2010

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ngmoco launched We Farm a little over a month ago, and in that time, our friends over at Gamezebo have learned the ins and outs of the game, and are happy to share a walkthrough for the game, including tips and strategies for how to best build a successful farm. If you’re just starting out in the mobile farming world, or if you’ve been playing the game since launch, read on to see how you might be able to improve your game.

Getting Started in the Game

  • You will begin with a small farm cottage in the center of your land which you can eventually upgrade through 25 levels to a Victorian farmhouse.
  • You are given 250 Gold bar Currency and 0 Gro Formula when you begin the game.
  • Gro Formula speeds up construction, growth, and happiness [of animals]. It can be purchased in several different quantities from the “Gro Store” or you can earn it by leveling up. Tap on the item you wish to use it on then tap on “Use Gro.” Each item will have a different requirement of Gro formula and as time passes this amount lessens. You always have the option to use Gro to finish a project in progress.
  • Neighbors are a critical factor to leveling up fast in the game and the more you have the faster things will move along. You will purchase buildings which placed on your farm become available for your Neighbors to enter into a contract with you. Since the game is in real time you will have to wait until the item is ready before you can deliver it to your neighbor and collect funds.
  • TIP: Once you have several animals and buildings earning for you, use the money to expand your land. You will upgrade your Farm house on your main farm and you will have another plot of land to decorate. There is a plot of land available for purchase on each side of your farm and your neighbors will also be able to access your new land plots.

  • TIP: Keep track of neighbors that do not play the game very much and ignore filling orders you have placed as you will waste a lot of time on them. You will quickly learn which neighbors are best to enter into agreements with.
  • The first item unlocked for planting [in gardens] is corn and it is free and takes only 5 minutes to mature. (If you have the time this is a great way to make a little extra money.) Each time you level up in the game you will unlock more fruits and vegetables you can grow and harvest. Garden plots become available every few levels so be sure to check when you level up to see if it is unlocked. It makes more sense to have it earning money for you than sitting in the store.
  • TIP: Try to always keep crops growing in your Garden and be sure to only set 1 of the push notifications if you have several plots growing at the same time. If you set all of them to remind you, you will find it very frustrating when all of them go off when you are using your device.

In addition to this Quick Start Guide of helpful information and tips (thanks again for sharing Gamezebo!), we have a few in-depth tips of our own to point out.

  • Remember to think about what time it will be when an animal reaches maturity or when crops are mature before you purchase them. Taking the few extra seconds to think ahead will save you wasted coins when you accidentally tell your pens to grow pigs but you are going to bed or work and won’t be back to the game for over eight hours (pigs are ready in four).
  • TIP: If you want to earn some money fast, but don’t want to play the game constantly, planting corn every five minutes (as that’s how long it takes to mature), the next best way to earn some funds at early levels is to plant Lettuce. Lettuce grows in just an hour for 50 coins. You’ll harvest the Lettuce for 125 coins, and will earn 30 experience points in the process. To give this a comparison, a crop like Chili Peppers grows for 12 hours, but only earns you 100 experience points. For Lettuce, you’re earning all 30 points in a single hour but Chili Peppers earn you only 8.3 experience points in that same hour.
  • If you choose to use Gro to make your animals happy, which instantly places their happiness at 100%, or if you play the game enough to add the same amount of happiness through timed taps, your animal will win the fair when you send it. This will return the animal to you, and turn the pasture, coop, etc. blue with the ribbon that the animal won at the fair. You’ll lose the ability to grow new animals in this animal area, effectively turning it into a building or farm vehicle that earns money and experience points over time.
  • While the above might seem like a good thing, the amount of experience points and coins you earn every time you collect from this winning animal is far less than the amount you could be earning in the space had the animal not won at the fair. That is, growing Ducks every two hours for an entire day will net you more coins and experience points than a winning Ostrich will, as the Ostrich takes longer to produce anything worthwhile. Keep this in mind before you spend that Gro!

We Farm is available to download from iTunes for free – make sure to download it if you’d like to play along with us!

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