We City and Touch Pets Cats Now Available in Canada from Ngmoco

Tue, Sep 21, 2010

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It’s not uncommon for games to be released only in certain regions before hitting the rest of the world, if at all. However, it’s even more common for games to show up in Canada before hitting anywhere else, and in today’s case it’s We City and Touch Pets Cats, the latest games from Ngmoco. Likely, the games are only available in Canada as a sort of “beta test” of sorts as there are less iPhone users there.

We City is a city-building game, a good mix of Playdom’s Social City and We Rule that has you building factories, businesses, and houses. Houses produce rent money, factories produce export money and the stores produce commerce as well. In the game, much like its predecessors We Rule and We Farm, the entire objective is to make money so you can build and expand your City to gigantic proportions.

In Touch Pets Cats, you are in charge of taking care of a cat that you pick out, name, and make your very own. Much like the Crowdstar Facebook game Happy Pets, you can play with the cat, decorate your house and even raise additional cats. Feeding your cats catnip makes them go wild, and allows you to collect extra experience points and coins from doing so. Coins are collected from the furniture around the house and regenerates every few minutes. Experience points are usually collected from making your pet happy.

Both of these games will no doubt be sure fire hits when they release everywhere else. For now, if you’re Canadian, you should check out both We City and Touch Pets Cats on the iTunes App Store.

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