Wash the Dog & Level Up in Epic Win for iPhone

Sun, Jul 11, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Gamers know that playing games is way more fun than doing chores. Real life can pale in comparison to virtual worlds, and sometimes getting to the next level, beating that high score, or finally winning that battle is more engaging than, say, washing the dog. The upcoming iPhone game Epic Win has learned this lesson and taken it to heart, granting gamers experience points and loot for completion of real world tasks.

Although details are scant, the game appears to use a player generated to-do list as a sort of quest log. As each task is completed, the player will earn rewards like experience points and items. Additionally, players will move forward on the quest map. That’s not a lot to go on but the concept is intriguing. The game will be Facebook and Twitter enabled, so you’ll be able to easily notify your friends when you’ve found the Helm of Questionable Appeal.

The tag line for Epic Win is “Level Up Your Life” and the game is advertised on its official website as “a playful productivity app.” Sound fun? You can check out the official trailer and keep your eyes peeled for news here.

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