Wargame Avoids Conflict by Giving DLC Away for Free

Thu, Jul 5, 2012

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War… war never changes. Except when you build an expansion for it with a bunch of new features; sometimes that changes war. Like with Wargame: European Escalation from TriplePoint client Focus Home Interactive, which has a new DLC pack out today. Of course, sometimes DLC can lead to war, as players gripe about the price, try to threaten their friends into getting the DLC so they can play together, and so on. Yet, here comes Focus, giving away their DLC for free again. You guys, you’re never going to spark a global war if you keep trying to be so dang nice all the time. No — no, don’t put the game on sale this weekend! Ugh. Do you even know what war is?!

From the press release:

This new, entirely free DLC offers a new multiplayer mode: “Conquest”. With seven new maps, this mode will shake up players’ habits and strategies, by adding a new type of control zone onto the battlefields, whose capture is essential for victory. This new mode is also playable against the AI, for everyone who wishes to practice before facing generals from all around the globe.

The Siege mode, introduced to Wargame with its previous DLC, is enriched with 2 new battlefields, while Destruction and Conquest modes welcome a newly-designed map: “Mecklenburg”!

Sheesh. You try to pick a fight with a company, and they hand you a bunch of free stuff.

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