Want Even More Super Stoves in Cafe World? Here’s How

Mon, Apr 19, 2010

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We’ve been covering the release of Super Stoves in Cafe World for some time now. As we know, Super Stoves are those great, convenient little items that allow you to set a dish into its cooking path with a single click – no chopping, stirring, seasoning, etc. necessary. The convenience of the item comes at a high price tag – 50 Cafe Cash. While it’s true that Cafe Cash seems to be pretty easy to come by these days (with the release of Mystery Boxes, the Lottery and other in-game features), many would much rather pay for the stoves with coins in order to save their Cash for something a bit more special.

That being the case, we’ve been able to get our hands on two stoves thus far. The first was a free gift given to all members of the Cafe World email club. The second was part of the game’s Build a Super Stove feature. Now, you can use that same feature to build successive stoves, so long as you buy the frames.

The frame costs a pretty penny, at 100,000 coins, and you’ll go through the same process of collecting ingredients to build it, just as you did your (in theory) second stove. Head over to the game’s page to start building another Super Stove, or check out our look at how you build a Super Stove in the first place.

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