Want Another Cafe World Super Stove? Try Building One!

Thu, Apr 1, 2010

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While members of the Cafe World email distribution list were given a Super Stove for free when they launched in-game last weekend, anyone who wanted to get their hands on a second (or third, or fourth…) were being treated to some sticker shock when seeing the item’s 50 Cafe Cash price tag.

Whether or not you feel that price is worth the time saving convenience that these one-click stoves offer, everyone will have a chance at earning a second Super Stove, for free. The next time you login to Cafe World, you’ll be met with the following pop-up, introducing you to a new “Build a Super Stove” feature that is similar to the Spice Rack feature in design and function.

When you click on the Super Stove icon, you’ll be taken to the inner workings of the feature, where you’ll learn that you need to accumulate 50 total ingredients spread across four item types: 12 Grill Rings, 12 Metal Plates, 14 Computer Chips, and 12 Control Knobs.

Each individual piece (that is, one out of the 50 total ingredients) can be purchased for 1 Cafe Cash, or, you can go the free way, and ask friends for help in sending you the missing parts. Click on the “Ask” button below any of the four ingredient types, and you’ll be taken to a reverse of the game’s Free Gifts page, where you can ask your friends to send you the stove’s parts.

Instead of receiving a gift, your friends will receive a gift request that asks them to “Send Grill Ring!” or whichever of the four ingredients you happened to ask for at the time.

If your friend agrees to help you, they will be taken to a page where they’re given a choice between which of two ingredients they’d like to send you, based on how many Cafe Points they’ll earn in return.

Once you choose which gift to send, you may be randomly taken to a page (it doesn’t happen every time) alerting you that you’ve found even more parts, and can post that discovery to your wall as a news item that your friends can click on to receive even more of the missing parts.

The Super Stove menu keeps track of how many of each ingredient you have accumulated, and you can opt to purchase the remaining parts at any time. Say you reach 45 parts and simply can’t wait to receive the final five – pay 5 Cafe Cash, and the Super Stove is yours.

Good luck building your own stove!

(Note: if you’ve yet to sign up for the Cafe World email distribution list and would like to do so, follow the instructions found at the bottom of this post)

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  • Helen Herrin

    I had all but 4 items left to get. I recieved 1 more from a neighbor. Next thing I see is a Congratulations! You now have your Super Stove. It will be in your stored in your inventory. It was not there. And now I have no stove icon. Now I have nothing to show for all my efforts. What kind of game is this????

  • Tristan Mendoza

    Did you try putting one of your regular stoves back in your inventory first? That's the only way you'll see your Super Stove being available. It should be there. Good luck.

  • Kent

    My super stove used all my cafe cash – Because the buy all parts button is in the same position as the stove icon. I was 80% done and clicked the stove icon, it wasn't opening so I clicked it again. It then opened, had cached the second click and bought all may remaining parts with my cash. Arrrgh! The second stove turned out not to be free at all – cost me about $20. :(

  • http://www.friskymongoose.com/ Kate Hancock

    That sucks! I hate it when there isn't an “ARE YOU SURE?” pop-up, and for that matter, a second “ARE YOU REALLY SURE” pop-up when you're about to buy a virtual product that is so insanely expensive in real life. Well, at least you've got it now?

  • 1proudtexan1

    Why is it that I am only able to “ask” for one stove part to each of my friends per day when they are able to “ask” for multiple parts per day? The rules are as follows:

    3. If you request parts, you will be brought to a page to ask friends for help. When you request parts from your friends, the parts will go directly into your stove.

    I am frustrated because my friends are building their stoves much more quickly than I because of this problem. Is there any fix for this? Thanks!