Wake Up, Pygmies; Time to Die

Thu, Feb 2, 2012

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Having time-travel powers, as movies and books have taught us, would be pretty fantastic. You could go back into the past and hunt dinosaurs, or go to the future and learn the results of sporting events, and nothing could possibly go wrong. Unless you’re a Pocket God pygmy, in which case everything will always go wrong, every time, forever. That’s the mission of Bolt Creative, one of the more wonderfully malicious TriplePoint clients: pygmy abuse from now until the end of the universe. Which, for those keeping track, is in another ten months.

It must be slightly less fun to know that your own world is coming to an end, so in a strangely pygmy-sympathetic move, the Bolt Creatives have decided to pack 2012 full of new Pocket God content, while there’s still time.

In their own words:

Bolt Creative today announced that it has officially launched the 43rd episode for its award-winning deity simulator Pocket God, entitled “Killing Time.” This is the first of multiple apocalypse-themed updates slated to release this year, with the last one being launched right before the impending apocalypse itself.

With the launch of Episode 43: Killing Time comes the introduction of Apocalypse Island, a brand new area within the Pocket God world which is home to a massive Aztec calendar counting down to 11:11 am PST on December 21st, as well as a new temple with multiple rooms. Each room contains a special apocalyptic god power and with every update a door to one of these rooms will unlock.

I guess we’d better hurry up and get killing, before we’re all killed. Thanks, Bolt!

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