Waf Waf the Dog Brings a New Twist to the Item Punting Landscape

Thu, Feb 11, 2010

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Whether or not you think of it as a genre in and of itself, there are an awful lot of free games available today that ask you to punt, throw, shoot or otherwise move an object over the greatest distance possible while factoring in things like wind speed / direction, gravity and obstacles.

That list has expanded by one with the English release of Waf Waf the Dog on Facebook.

Waf Waf the Dog contains three mini-games, the first of which is the incredibly familiar punting simulator. Playing as a human, you are challenged with punting poor Waf Waf into the air using the mouse, and sending him as far as gravity and friction will allow.

There are obstacles to avoid, like brick walls, and geese that will, according to Inside Social Games, give Waf Waf an added momentum boost, but ultimately, after you’ve swung the mouse to send Waf Waf into motion, all you have to do is sit back and wait until the forces around him bring him to a halt.

The farther Waf Waf flies, the more bonuses you’ll unlock for future punts, including dynamite packs and wings, among other items that all have the same goal: to help Waf Waf travel even farther the next time he’s launched.

The game isn’t over there, as the application comes with two other mini-games: The Real Revenge of Waf Waf the Dog, and Waf Waf Skateboarding.

The former switches the roles found in the overall game, placing you in control of Waf Waf, and placing the human on one end of a teeter-totter. As you might expect, you can use the same mouse control setup to bounce Waf Waf onto the other side of the seesaw, sending the man flying into the air and crashing back down again.

The latter, then, is something altogether different, and places Waf Waf on a skateboard in the middle of a half-pipe where you can send him higher and higher with correct button presses. The more height you achieve, the more items you unlock, allowing access to various tricks, and other upgrades.

To try Waf Waf the Dog yourself, head over to the game’s Facebook page.

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