Voyages Are Now Available in Treasure Isle!

Tue, Sep 28, 2010

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If you’ve been waiting for the time when Voyages would open up in Treasure Isle, well wait no more! Zynga has officially unveiled the system of voyages, with three voyages available thus far (and we’re sure more to come in the future).

Before we talk about the voyages themselves, however, let’s make one thing perfectly clear – before you can even begin to think about going on these larger quests for treasure, you’ll need to finish your Dragon Sailboat, an item that was released at the beginning of this month. This is a buildable item, that requires you to collect a variety of ingredients, either by posting requests to your wall, or having your friends send you free gifts requests containing those ingredients.

Once that’s been done, clicking on the Dragon Sailboat will open up a new menu, where you can set sail on voyages. As of this writing, there are three voyages available. The first is Ninja Assassin, and it is available to everyone that finishes the Dragon Sailboat. Happy Land and Monster Island are available once you have 2 and 3 crew members, respectively, with crew members being added either for 5 Island Cash each, or by sending an individual request to a friend, asking them to join your crew.

We’ll take a look at the Ninja Assassin quest for an example of how these Voyages work. Clicking on the Choose Voyage button will add a new portion to this window, where you’ll be able to click on the “Go!” button to spend 15 energy, and travel just a bit further across the small map presented at the bottom of the menu. Each click adds 5% to the completion total of the voyage, so you’ll need to click 20 times to reach 100%. This will take a total of 300 energy to complete, so it’s likely you’ll have to use some fruit, or just wait for your bar to refill before reaching 100%.

Each click will reward you with either a few experience points, some coins, etc, so this won’t be a waste of time or energy in the end.

This voyage will unlock the Ninja Training island. Travel the voyage a second time and you’ll unlock another island in the form of Ninja Shrine. As for the other two voyages, completing Happy Island will first reward you with an island called Happy Pastures, while completing the trip a second time will unlock Happy Uzumaki. Finally, for your first trip through Monster Island’s voyage, you can unlock the Green Gargantuan island, and finishing the voyage a second time will unlock Monster Isle, as seen below.

For reference, you can find these new islands as part of the Dream Isles map set, which is found directly after (using the right arrow key) the Secret Japan map set in the Asian Isles.

Have you completed your Dragon Sailboat yet? If not, head over to Treasure Isle on Facebook to ask your friends for help in completing it, or to start your own Ninja Assassin voyage now!

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