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Fri, Sep 17, 2010

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CrowdStar has been hard at work updating Happy Pets this week, starting with the introduction of some long-awaited pets in the form of Iguanas. Once you purchase an Iguana, you’ll be able to show them off via the game’s Photo Show-Off feature, and even win coins and experience points in the process.

New Iguanas Now Available in the Store!

If you’re one that likes your Happy Pets to be more on the exotic side, rather than simply cats and dogs, you’ll be happy to know that CrowdStar now offers six different colors of Iguanas for your shopping pleasure.

All six Iguanas go for Facebook Credits, ranging from 40 – 50 Facebook Credits each, or from $4.00 – $5.00 US. Here are your list of options, along with prices:

  • Black Iguana – 40 Facebook Credits
  • Yellow Iguana – 42 Facebook Credits
  • Blue Iguana – 42 Facebook Credits
  • Pink Iguana – 44 Facebook Credits
  • Terra Iguana – 48 Facebook Credits
  • Hot Ice Iguana – 50 Facebook Credits

Regardless of the color you choose to purchase, each of these Iguanas will become an adult after a whopping two weeks, or a full 14 days, so long as they are fed once every 14 hours to maintain their growth.

Show Off Your Animals in Photo Show-Off Contests

Once you purchase your new Iguana, or even if you don’t, you can now enter your pets into Photo Show-Off competitions of sorts. This is done by accessing the game’s Camera feature, which allows you to take a picture of a portion of the screen. Once you have a picture, you can enter it into the contest, where other users can view and vote on it.

The voting process is simple. Click on the Photo Show-Off button that appears in the top right corner of the gameplay area, and you’ll be shown a sampling of four of the contest’s current entrants. You’ll have to choose which of the four pictures you like the most, and you will receive five coins and five experience points for voting.

After voting, the pictures will cycle to display four new entrants, and you can continue the voting process until you vote ten times, as the limit is ten votes per day. If you would like, you can also click on the “Visit User” button next to each picture to be transported to that user’s room, where you can view their pets at your leisure.

You can view your own photos, and the pictures with the current high scores by alternating through the tabs at the top of the window, as seen below. Head over to Happy Pets on Facebook to enter your own pictures into the contest, and good luck to all those who enter!

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