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Fri, Sep 17, 2010

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A few technical additions have been made to FarmVille this week, with Zynga now offering users a way to share their unwanted free gifts, and giving users the chance to more easily check out their own in-game stats, as well as those of their friends.

Re-Gift Unwanted Gifts to Friends

In the world of FarmVille, where so many people are concerned with sending and receiving free gifts, it’s not an entirely uncommon occurrence for users to wind up with lots of items that they no longer need, which simply sit, unwanted in the user’s gift box, until they decide to sell or otherwise delete them.

Now, though, some of those unwanted gifts can be put to good use, via the new “Re-Gift” feature. On certain items in your gift box, like Building Parts, Vehicle Parts, Honey Bees, and some Collection items (among others), you’ll now see a new icon on top of the “Use” and “Sell” options.

This new button is the “Re-Gift” button and it will allow you to choose how many of a particular item you want to share, via a small menu that appears after pressing the button.

Once you’ve decided how many to share, you can do so by posting a news item to your wall, allowing your friends to click on the appropriate link to claim one of these re-gifted gifts for themselves, just as they would claim a Mystery Egg, free Bushel, and the like under other circumstances.

What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comments!

Check Out Your Friends Stats!

One of the unspoken draws of FarmVille is the ability to earn ribbons and achievements and then brag about them between your friends. However, instead of having to ask your friends how many ribbons they’ve earned, or how many mastery points they’ve earned (from mastering crops), you can now look for yourself.

This is done via the new in-game stats feature, that allows you to see a short rundown of your friends’ data everytime you hover over their picture in the neighbors’ bar.

In addition, a new stats button can be found underneath your farm’s name in the very top right-hand corner of the gameplay area. Simply click on the Stats button, and you’ll see you own stats represented by numbers, detailing how many mastery points you have, how many ribbons you’ve collected, how many Co-Op Farming medals you’ve won, and so on.

Will this make you work harder to unlock those often sought-after medals? Or, will you take more time to help your friends in Co-Op Farming jobs now that you know other friends can see how much (or how little) you’ve helped? Let us know what you think of this new feature!

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  • Dcw

    I think Co-Op Farming jobs reward items should be able to regift. I mean at least for a week. This would give high level farmers or teamwork farmers a chance to share items with lower level or individuals who have not been successful in getting the gold medal reward.