Video Game Sales to Hit $70 Billion in Revenue by 2015

Thu, May 27, 2010

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Industry Gamers is reporting that DFC Intelligence announced the release of reports that covers the interactive entertainment industry as a whole. The DFC firm has forecasted that overall revenue for the entire video game industry is expected to hit $70.1 billion dollars by 2015. 2009 had a record breaking $60.4 billion in revenue across the industry.

The firm believes that the revenue will increase despite the shift from brick and mortar stores to online platforms and virtual stores such as Steam. ”The overall game industry is expected to undergo a decline as more consumers embrace online business models, many of which involve a significant free to play component,” said DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole. “These models may be more profitable than the traditional packaged goods business, but in the short term they provide less revenue.”

PC Gaming is as strong as ever, and especially due to the open-ness of the platform that allows for testing and innovation around every corner. When a company wants to test a new platform or stream of distribution, they usually start with the PC. The console industry is expected to explode with a quadruple increase in online game sales by 2015 as well. “Online distribution and subscription models that worked on the PC are expected to come to the console systems over the next few years,” said Cole. “This should help offset some of the decline at retail.”

Despite these optimistic claims of growth, DFC does expect the industry to decline in the next few years, and then pick up steam in 2013. The decline is expected to come from the stagnation in the current generation of consoles and will pick up steam with the growth of online game sales and PC games.

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