Vent Economic Woes: Bash a Banker for a Buck

Tue, Jan 26, 2010

Casual, iPhone, Mobile

Feeling the pinch of our ongoing economic downturn? Developer Colin Phipps feels your pain, and would like to help you transfer it to a more deserving party. Bash a Banker is now available in the App Store for everyone who would like to have a serious discussion about their finances with a bank representative, and then beat that representative senseless with a loaf of bread. Topical gaming, all for just 99 cents.

The game promises variety in the pre-assault conversations with the banker, offering “over four million unique game threads” via randomly appearing dialogue. Mr. Phipps himself explains it all in the trailer:

Bash a Banker: For everybody who’s been going through a rough patch, but not so much that they couldn’t afford a $300 phone and a monthly data plan.

Grab it at the App Store, here: BashaBanker

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