Vendetta Online is Online, Holding Vendettas

Wed, Apr 17, 2013

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It is now officially later in the month than when we told you Vendetta Online was coming to the iPad later this month. Vendetta Online is, therefore, on the iPad! Today’s turning into a good day for cross-platform gaming. TriplePoint client Guild Software — the folks who organized an entire professional society around holding grudges against you and everyone you know — have released the tablet version of their space-vengeance MMO, and it even comes with a mission editor and an offline mode. A massively single-player offline game, if you will, for when you’re holding a vendetta against your ISP.

From the press release:

Guild Software, the veteran independent gaming studio, today announced the release of Vendetta Online for the iPad. Now, iPad users can pilot their own spaceships through a vast interstellar gaming universe and compete in intense real-time PvP combat for a mobile PC-Grade MMO experience.

Designed and developed by a dedicated handful of truly indie developers, Vendetta Online debuted in 2002.With regular updates and weekly expansions, players never bore of the gameplay as new challenges are continuously added. Passionate Vendetta Online fans are also encouraged to get involved with development through the Player Contribution Corps (PCC). The PCC gives enthusiastic players access to review, test and build new missions. Unlike other MMOs, Vendetta Online provides an unparalleled and interactive experience for both gameplay and expansion.

The game is a buck, and that includes your first month’s subscription. Go get it or I will never forgive you, and will work tirelessly towards your downfall.

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