Vampire Season Starts Next Week

Tue, Jun 19, 2012

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I know, I know, you’re going to tell me the new season of True Blood started last week, but that’s not the vampire season I’m trying to tell you about. The one I have in mind is Vampire Season, a new tower-defense-style vampire game from TriplePoint client 6waves. That one is coming to iOS devices next week, on June 28th.

Apparently Dracula is not very good with social media, because someone has been tweeting the location of his crypt, and now a bunch of jerks are showing up to stake him and then go “FIRST POST” or something terrible. From the press release:

Thanks to the 21st Century’s general lack of online privacy (Thanks 4square!), Dracula’s secret hideout has been revealed and it’s up to players’ defense and strategy skills to protect him from a horde of big game hunters. Vampire Season will stamp a grin on the evil side of people’s brains as it delivers nuclear pumpkins, disco balls, pirates, princes, ninjas, and other invaders that have no idea how they got there, and honestly, neither do we.

You can look for 6waves’ new vampire-defense title near the end of the month. You can download it and play it over the vampire weekend. Bleah! Bleah! #iwanttosuckyourblood

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