Valve Making a Move to Apple Imminent

Thu, Mar 4, 2010


Valve has been a long time PC game developer that has only been either strictly Windows-based or with the occasional console release. However, we have yet to see Valve support the Mac or Apple side of the world. On Wednesday, Valve released a barrage of images that signify more than ever that Valve is making a move to Apple and a significant move at that.

Most of the ads seem Mac related so it’s safe to assume that Valve is most likely porting its Source engine and Source engine based games to the Mac OS X platform. What this means is that gamers that previously were unable to play these Valve games will. Apple sells millions of computers every year so it does seem a bit absurd to simply ignore that significant user base.

Not only would the Source engine games be ported but we would also most likely see a Mac native version of Steam, Valve’s digital distribution platform. This move could also assist in other developers in bringing versions of their games to the Mac platform. Valve is a very significant player in the gaming market and any move they make should not be taken lightly as it could change the way we think of Macs when it comes to gaming.

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