V.I.P. Dinners are Back on the Menu in Cafe World

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

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The last time we saw the V.I.P. Dinner in Cafe World was at the end of March. Now that April is coming to a close, it makes sense that Zynga would see the month out in the same way as the previous one, with the limited time release of the V.I.P. Dinner to members of the Cafe World email club.

The dish contains the exact same stats as it did during its last go around in the game. It cooks for zero coins – let me repeat: zero coins – and finishes cooking after 18 hours, at which time you sell its 99 servings for 99 coins each, for a total profit of 9,801 coins.

Obviously, as the dish is entirely free to cook, you would want to place it on every free stove you had available, and in addition, this would be the perfect time to break out some of those Instant Thyme spices you might have been saving, so that you can place the dish to cook, use the spice to make it instantly ready to serve, and just as quickly start another instance of the same dish to cook, in an effort to maximize profits during the dish’s limited time availability.

There’s little time to spare – make sure to head over to your cafe and start cooking the V.I.P. Dinner as soon as you can!

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