UTV Ignition Starts Quarreling with Xbox

Tue, Jan 17, 2012

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Xbox gamers! Always fighting, always shooting, always resorting to violence to solve their quarrels. Solve your problems like adults — use your words! That’s the very mature advice being given by TriplePoint client UTV Ignition, who is preparing to release Quarrel on Xbox LIVE later this month. Quarrel, a much more sensible dispute resolution simulator developed by Denki, challenges players to settle their property issues by forming anagrams out of given eight-letter sequences.


Adding an entirely new level of fun to the game IGN called “an ingenious mixture of board game strategy and Scrabble-esque wordplay,” and the recent winner of an IGN “Best of 2011” award and Scottish BAFTA for “Best Game,” Quarrel for Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 will support four-player multiplayer!

Quarrel has only seven letters, but I was able to make “rural” out of it. Unless you can do better, I will consider this argument to be concluded in my favor.

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