User Appreciation Month Brings Inventory Search, New Cottage Items to YoVille

Wed, Sep 29, 2010

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Not to let User Appreciation Month go out without a bang, Zynga has added a greatly anticipated feature to YoVille in the form of Inventory Searching. In addition, more English Cottage items are available in the game’s store, along with two new fall-themed collectible items.

Find Exactly What You Want With Inventory Searching!

Two of the biggest draws to YoVille come in the form of item collection and virtual home decoration. Add the two together, and you have a hectic mish-mash of items from every theme under the sun. Christmas items are next to Beach-themed items. Modern items are found next animal plushies – needless to say, it can be a bit of a hassle trying to find exactly the item you’re looking for when decorating a room in your home.

That is, it used to be a hassle, as now, Zynga has introduced the much appreciated inventory search option. Now, if you’re editing a room and are looking for a lamp to place in the corner of a particular room, you can simply type the word “lamp” into the search bar, which is located next to the “Set Wall & Floor Pattern” button, to see all of the lamps you own, as seen in my own inventory below.

This will be a great way for you to theme a room in a certain color (you can search for the word “red,” for instance, to see all items with red in the name), or in a particular item theme, without searching through page after page of items. Be sure to take advantage of this new search bar the next time you decorate a room!

English Cottage Bedroom Items Now Available

The English Cottage theme has expanded this week with the release of English Cottage Bedroom items. There are 45 items in this portion of the theme, bringing the entire theme up to 86 items in total. The bedroom items once again come in the Brown, Gold, Green, and Blue colors we’ve seen in the Living Room portion of the theme, with multiple items being available in each color, to add to the “color theming” one could do in a room.

In these four colors, you can purchase Beds, Armoires, Nightstands, standing Dividers, Wide Dressers, Tall Dressers, Stools, Sconces, and Vanities. Items like the Stools, Beds, and Tall Dressers will set you back a few YoCash per item, while the Wide Dressers, Vanities and Nightstands (among others), are available for coins. Still, to deck out the entire room in the theme, you are going to have to spend some YoCash, no questions asked.

Other items in the Bedroom set are table clocks, wall paintings, mirrors, and even a small cottage window, available to purchase for 2 YoCash, that will make your room appear as if it opens up onto the peaceful outdoors.

In addition to these items, two fall themed collectibles are now available to purchase in the Furniture Store. They are the Cottage Animated Swing, and the Cottage Animated Fall Tree.

The swing costs 20,000 coins, and allows your avatar to sit and swing one the bench as you would expect, while the animated tree costs 27 YoCash, and is a massive item best suited for the largest of outdoor spaces. The tree has leaves that fall from it to give it animation.

Both of these collectibles will be available in the game for less than a week, so be sure to head over to YoVille on Facebook to purchase them before they’re gone!

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