US Nexus Ones Now Being Updated With Froyo (Android 2.2)

Tue, Jun 29, 2010

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Google is once again proving the power of owning a Google branded phone by pushing out the Android 2.2 update for US Nexus Ones starting now. So, yes, the next time you check your Nexus One, you may be prompted to update it.

Froyo allows updaters to setup WiFi hotspots and leech off of the 3G connection of their phones and can be used by up to 8 devices at once. Along with the WiFi tethering option, you can also connect to a computer via USB and tether using that option as well.

The full feature list, thanks to MobileBeat is as follows:

  • Apps for the Nexus One can send mobile alerts to the phone, and can push a specific app such as Google Maps to a user’s phone so that it opens to the correct map automatically.
  • Apps can store data on an SD card or other external storage.
  • App data can be backed up and restored, so that users who perform a factory reset or lose their phones can refill a new phone with their old data.
  • Car Mode and Night Mode configurations are optimized for low light and driving situations.
  • Microsoft Exchange calendars are now supported by Nexus One’s calendar app.
  • The camera and photo gallery apps have several improvements, including LED flash for videos.
  • All welcome features that all Nexus One owners should appreciate. Any Nexus One owners out there that got the update and want to share their experience?

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