Upgrade Your Catering Business Mission Now Available in Cafe World

Sun, Sep 5, 2010

Cafe World, Social

Are you a catering aficionado in Cafe World, who has completed both the Birthday Party and Dinner Party catering missions? Well, I’m happy to report that if you are, Zynga has yet another job lined up for you – this one in the form of something a little different. A job called simply “Upgrade Your Catering Business.”

This mission doesn’t require you to cook a certain amount of dishes – instead, it asks you to collect a certain number of items, in the same way you would collect ingredients or parts to build a Super Stove or No Clean Fairy.

In this case, the update to your catering business comes in the upgrading of your gear, as you’ll be asked to collect 10 Serving Plates, 5 Pots and Pans, and 10 Steam Trays. These items can earned either by paying 2 Cafe Cash per item (that is, 2 Cafe Cash per individual item, not for the entire step), or you can rely on your friends to help you in a number of ways.

For this job, you’ll be able to click on the “Ask” button next to each individual ingredient in order to be sent to a reverse of the game’s free gifts page, where you’ll be asking your friends to send you an item, rather than giving them a gift. If they agree, you’ll receive the part in question, and it appears that for the first five friends that help you, they’ll join you on your crew (that is, your crew can hold six people in this job, including yourself).

For finishing the job, regardless of how long it takes, you’ll earn the one-star rating, worth 1458 Cafe Points and 21,870 coins. Finish the job in under 7 days, and you’ll earn the two-star rating, 2,430 Cafe Points, and 36,450 coins. In addition, you’ll unlock the next Catering Business job in the line. Finally, if you can finish the job in less than 3 days, you’ll not only unlock the next Catering job, but you’ll also earn 3,402 Cafe Points and 51,030 coins, along with a Big Pig Catering Statue. This is an outdoor sign holder, rather than an indoor decoration.

We’ll be sure to bring you all of the news regarding the next job in the Catering Business line as it becomes available. Until then, head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start collecting the needed parts to upgrade your gear.

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