Unlock the Terrible Secret of Space on a Bucketz Ride

Thu, Jun 13, 2013

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Space has a terrible secret; this we have known for a while. Now, finally, a brave team has stepped up to uncover this secret the only logical way possible: riding a rocket-powered platform clear from the earth’s core to the distant reaches of space, all while stashing a variety of objects inside their heads because they happen to be anthropomorphic buckets. It is both poetic and fitting, don’t you think? Well, Picnic Hippo (a TriplePoint client) seems to think so, and they are now allowing you to simulate this grand journey for yourself in Bucketz Ride, a new free iOS game available right now to residents of every layer of the planet. It is our sincere hope that these brave buckets reach the big secret for themselves, and when they get there, they find some sort of convenient container to store it in for later.

From the press release:

Bucketz Ride mashes up balance and physics gameplay, adding some twists to the “stash it fast” gameplay of the original.  In BucketzRide, players fuel their Rocket Ship (a teeter-totter scale at the bottom of the screen) by flicking and swiping over 1,000 different items, grabbing them from the sky and flinging them into the Bucketz below. To make their way out of The Pit and up into the sky, players will make split-second tactical choices to stash, juggle, avoid or utilize items as they careen across the screen.  Now with competitive multiplayer, gamers will feel the thrill of zooming past their rivals (not to mention the agony of having their top score bested).

I am here to protect you from the terrible secret of not having seen this trailer:

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