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Tue, Aug 24, 2010

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While it may not seem like much time has passed since the Fairy Meadows Magic Door was released in PetVille, Zynga has moved ahead to a third door, this one to the Enchanted Kingdom, a world full of magic and fairytale-like whimsy.

You’ll find your first key to open the door when first logging into the game, as the “Enchanted Book of Tales” will appear in your home, along with your first key to the door. Head up to the Attic and you’ll find the Enchanted Kingdom door in the shape of a book, locked behind 12 keys.

If you still have any leftover keys from the previous Magic Doors, you can feel free to use these to unlock the matching locks on the door, or you can purchase each individual key for 5 Pet Cash. An additional option allows you to purchase all of the keys necessary for 25 Pet Cash.

If you’re going to save your Pet Cash, you’ll need to rely on your friends to send you the rest of the keys, by clicking on the color of key that you need and clicking on the “Ask Friend for Key” button, which takes you to a reverse of the game’s free gifts page, where you’ll send your friends gift requests asking for a particular color of key; that is, your friends will be told they have a gift request just as though they had been given a free item, but instead, they’ll be able to send you a key and receive a reward in exchange.

Once you unlock the door, you’ll be greeted by a friendly Dragon, and will have a new world to fill with items befitting an Enchanted Kingdom, like those available in the new Enchanted Kingdom section of the game’s Outdoor Store. These items range from dragons, a friendly sun, and lamp posts, to fountains, individual flower bunches, street signs and even medieval/enchanted clothing items. Remember though, you’ll need to unlock the Enchanted Kingdom before you’re allowed to purchase these items, even if you have the coins of Pet Cash necessary to purchase them otherwise.

Make sure to ask your friends for the keys necessary to unlock the Enchanted Kingdom Magic Door by heading over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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