Two New iPhones: 1 for AT&T, 1 for Verizon

Tue, Mar 30, 2010

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As seen on VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal picked up a great story regarding the oft-rumored Verizon iPhone. A CDMA version of the iPhone would be a huge move for both Verizon and Apple and looks to be finally happening. Certainly interesting considering Verizon and AT&T have done nothing but trash each other in commercial after commercial lately.

Similar to the Verizon version of the iPhone (which has no other details at this time), Apple will still continue to update their current line through AT&T. This new GSM model is expected to be announced this spring and released this summer. While no details are certain, speculation suggests a thinner body and faster processor.

Why is Apple releasing on Verizon? No one knows, really. Perhaps it’s the pressure of Android or that an exclusivity deal with AT&T deal fell through. Either way, this is excellent news for the smartphone market because competition only helps the consumer (You).

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  • Ron

    Makes sense. Why wouldn't apple want to make more money by offering the phone to one of the most popular mobile carriers? It might be too late since Android phones have measured up quite well to the iPhone. Why did Apple agree to a exclusive deal with At&t in the first place when they aren't even the #1 carrier in terms of account holders and customer satisfaction?

  • Talor Berthelson

    It definitely makes sense for the iPhone to go to Verizon. To be fair, when the iPhone was first released, AT&T was the #1 carrier in account population.