Two Great Facebook Games You May Not Have Heard Of

Sun, Mar 21, 2010

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While I’m sure a good lot of you are still cooking up a sweet dish in Cafe World or having a population surge in Social City, there are a lot of other lesser known games that are innovated and created with the same type of goals in mind. Inside Social Games has taken a look at two of them and I’m going to summarize them.

World at War looks at the Modern Warfare gamer with a Mafia Wars twist. The game has money, energy, ammo and all of the other treats from Mafia Wars. All of the technology in the game is based on the modern military which is quite a difference from the 1930s gangster style of Mafia Wars.

Perhaps the most interesting new element in World at War is the factions. Choosing your faction directly effects how well certain sectors of your military perform. While World at War isn’t totally original, it still might be interesting for someone who likes the style of the game but is sick of Mafia Wars. There’s a lot of Facebookers on the game so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone to pair up with.

The other game on the list is Ocean World which challenges you to create a happy, healthy aquarium for a school of fish. The basics are to buy fish, feed them, and decorate until the fish are truly happy. The stand out of Ocean World though, is the visuals which seem to center around the reefs at the bottom of the ocean.

The fish within also change as they get older which happens until they eventually must be let go on their own. Complete enough cycles and you’ll gain more fish and decorations to show off. If you’re a big fan of these aquarium type games, you may just find yourself hooked on Ocean World.

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