Two Fresh iPhone Games From Oceanside: World Soccer Go! and MyDinos Go!

Wed, Jun 30, 2010

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Triplepoint client Oceanside Interactive is announcing the release of two new titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch in MyDinos Go! and World Soccer Go!. While their titles share some similarities, they do not have much in common in that World Soccer Go! is a game that promotes you to build a soccer franchise of your dreams while MyDinos Go! challenges younger players to adventure through time to rescue “Dynamals”.

The feature list of World Soccer Go! according to the press release:

• Over 35 countries: Select your nation’s team!
• Recruit, Rank up, and Train over 100 different players to build the best franchise around.
• Specialize your soccer club by selecting from over 30 Skills to learn and master.
• Defeat over 40 NPC Coaches to prove that your country’s team is the best.
• Special weekly items and players: get an extra edge on the pitch!
• Each player class can send gifts to friends – collect enough gifts to unlock special training or recruiting missions.

MyDinos Go!, being a social game tends to have features that encourage player interaction:

• Travel through time to collect and evolve over FOUR HUNDRED totally unique Dynamals!
• Play online against other trainers – compare teams and stats.
• Add friends to your Tribe with friend codes, or BATTLE!
• Rank up various quests and missions to find secret Dynamal skills, items, bosses, and stories.
• Every Dynamal is based on actual extinct or endangered animals; each Dynamal comes with a ton of info on each animal including a description, Latin name, name meaning, diet, and time period. Dynamals start as adorable babies and can evolve up to seven times!
• Free updates – new quests, items, Dynamals, and more.
• Huge storyline full of crazy characters from different time periods – cavemen, pirates, wizards, ninjas, and more.
• Hundreds of equipment items to purchase and discover… some strange, some wacky, and some incredibly powerful.
• Purchase Diamonds in-game to build your team, access rare quests, find unique Dynamals and give your team the winning edge.
• Intuitive yet deep battle system! Choose team leaders and equip your Tribe with the best gear to achieve victory.

“With MyDinos Go! and World Soccer Go!, we’ve combined the fun and interactivity of social gaming with the portability and bite-sized nature of iPhone games, and crafted two great virtual worlds for kids and adults alike,” said Michael Betti, Co-Founder of Oceanside Interactive. “In MyDinos Go!, kids will love the growing list of fun Dynamals to collect , train and battle – parents will love the fact that their kids can learn about dinosaurs and endangered animals. And as World Cup fever takes over, World Soccer Go!gives them something to play with as well!”

Two great games, available right now for free? What more could you ask for?

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