Two Free iPhone Games to Look At

Sun, Apr 18, 2010

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Over at TouchArcade, they’ve written up a handy guide to two different free iPhone “Lite” games that are worth your time checking out: Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front and The Simpsons Arcade.

With Brothers in Arms 2, they say that the title improves upon in many ways.

“Weighing in at over three times the filesize of its predecessor, it brings to the iPhone a much larger game experience. This time around it’s a first person affair, as opposed to the third-person, over-the-shoulder experience that is the first title. Actually, when in duck-and-cover mode, BIA2 does jump out to third person — and that’s something you’ll see often, as using crates, walls, and tanks for cover is pretty much par for the course in this title,” TouchArcade wrote.

The free version of Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front acts more like a demo than a free, full experience–but regardless–seems like it’s worthwhile to check out.

The Simpsons Arcade game, on the other hand, is a fighting game where you can control your favorite Simpsons characters and do battle. They mention that while the game isn’t ambitious, it’s functional and it has its charm.

And heck, for free–why not?

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