Twitter’s New Coat of Paint & New Features Rolling Out Now

Wed, Sep 15, 2010

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Twitter hasn’t changed much since it launched in 2006, despite a few changes on the way. From the beginning for instance, the focus wasn’t on searching Twitter or its trending topics, but rather on simply just getting you to sign up. This look and feel has changed since then, with more focus on search and the trending topics that surrounds it.

This new look and feel however, brings the focus of Twitter back to the timeline and brings some features of desktop and mobile apps with it. The biggest change right off the bat is the double viewing window. Before now, Twitter has only had the one, smaller window to view Tweets. This new version doubles the size for the window with the second panel being for viewing the full content of Tweets.

Full content of Tweets could mean anything, from an image, a video or just a hashtag, but it will all show in the second window. The best part about this redesign is that you’ll never have to leave your timeline to view any of this content. For instance, if a friend links to a hilarious YouTube video in a Tweet, you can simply view it right from the Timeline and never have to leave it. Also helpful is that if there is a string of @replies, the stream will automatically show you the conversation behind those Tweets, making it easier to follow.

Also changed is where you’ll view mentions, retweets, searches and lists. They will all show in a tabbed navigation form on the top of the timeline, so you can have easier access to find them.

This new design is rolling out now as an optional preview, over the next few weeks. Eventually, it will no longer be an option. If you’re still a little confused about these new upgrades, check out Twitter’s video below which showcases the new features and design:

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