Twitter Donates Tweets to Library Congress

Thu, Apr 15, 2010

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Yesterday on the Twitter blog, Twitter announced that they are looking to preserve all of our tweets in the National Library of Congress.

“Since Twitter began, billions of tweets have been created. Today, fifty-five million tweets a day are sent to Twitter and that number is climbing sharply.” the Blog states. “A tiny percentage of accounts are protected but most of these tweets are created with the intent that they will be publicly available. Over the years, tweets have become part of significant global events around the world—from historic elections to devastating disasters.”

“It is our pleasure to donate access to the entire archive of public Tweets to the Library of Congress for preservation and research. It’s very exciting that tweets are becoming part of history.”

That sounds pretty neat, and also very exciting! I suppose me posting about IHOP won’t make it to the Library, but perhaps a post about a disaster or important historical event could.

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