Twitter Comes To Arcades With Virtua Fighter 5 Integration

Sat, Jun 26, 2010

Arcade, Casual

Yesterday Sega announced that Twitter will be incorporated for the first time into an arcade game, the upcoming Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Users will be able to link their Twitter account to their account, allowing their Twitter feed to update with Virtua Fighter tweets.

Arcades are already very social, and now players will be able to expand their social experience by automatically sharing updates on the internet. Users of the service can manage the updates that Virtua Fighter 5 will send, paring down to just major occurrences like winning streaks, or opening it up to include unlocked items, promotions, etc. Players will also be able to look up players they’ve encountered on and follow them on Twitter.

The announcement was released for Japanese audiences only over on the official Virtua Fighter page, but hopefully the concept will spread to other territories. Of course the disparity in arcade popularity and occurrences may mean that the concept doesn’t transfer exactly, but incorporating Twitter into games in general is a great idea that hopefully will be replicated.

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