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Sun, Apr 11, 2010

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On Friday, Twitter announced that they have purchased one of their API developers, Atebits–or, most recognizably, the developer behind Twitter iPhone application Tweetie.

Twitter also announced on their blog that they would be making the application free to download in the “coming weeks.” (It currently will set you back $2.99)

“Loren [Brichter] (developer behind Tweetie) will become a key member of our mobile team that is already having huge impact with device makers and service providers around the world. Loren’s work won the 2009 Apple Design Award and we will eventually launch Twitter for iPad with his help,” the company said.

However, over at DigitalBeat, they question whether the move poses a threat to other current Twitter developers. If Twitter is going to be acquiring different API developers to fill holes in their current software offering, what will this mean for the other API developers out there that are making similar products to those that become the “official” source for that way to use Twitter?

It’s definitely a compelling argument, especially when you look at the monetization (or lack thereof) with Twitter.

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