Turn Your Pet Society Home Into a Charming Cafe

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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Playfish has released everything you need to create a quaint cafe in your home in Pet Society.

Head over to the Furniture Store and you’ll find small cafe tables, perfect for two, along with matching ornate chairs (costing 650 or 850 coins each, depending on the color – white or pink). Booth seating is also available in two color options, the white for 1300 coins, and the pink for 1600.

After you purchase the appropriate seating, you’ll need some way to display your wares, which is where a 2800 coin cafe counter (available in the Luxury Store) and a set of menu boards come in. A rectangular floor menu will cost you 400 coins, while the wall-mounted chalkboard costs 900. For just a few more coins (50, to be exact), you can purchase food stickers to place on the menus, allowing all of your visitors to know what items you’ll be serving that day. There are also some decorative food items and wall art available to provide the finishing touches that every respectable cafe needs.

To complete your pretend cafe, you can dress your pet in either a Chef’s suit and hat (for boys) or a frilly maid’s dress (for girls). The pieces for these outfits are available for anywhere from 100 to 550 coins.

If you’d like to create the feeling of a French bistro in your own Pet Society abode, head over to the game’s page and start shopping.

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